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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Keeping Up

I've got this. No, really, I'm on top of it.
Spring is almost here and let me assure you—Fencebroke Promontory is completely ready for the season. Don't believe me? Shame on you. Look, I even put out the birdbath:

Yes sir, all of my potted plants, from previous apartments and rescues from work, are sited correctly and ready to be planted (I decided, after much deliberation, to go with a rather avant-garde design, which only looks like I just left them where they were, lined up along the fence. It'll be fabulous, trust me):
The Laburnum stump I began removing two months ago? It's, well, it's practically removed. Sure, the severed stump is still in the hole but how hard can it be to just pop it out and toss it in the yard waste bin? It's definitely not too heavy for me to lift. What, did you think I hurt myself trying to get it out and that's why it's still sitting there? Ha! I laugh. This is me laughing. No, I always hold my back when I laugh.
The Veggie bed is prepped and ready to plant. Yes, to outward appearances, it may seem like I got a third of the way into it and then gave up, but I assure you, it's—um, supposed to look that way. You know, the latest trend in urban gardening. Gotta leave some of the lawn in the bed … er, leave part of the lawn … fallow. It's complicated; you wouldn't understand.
Oh, and the Winter pruning is done. Turns out, nothing really needed it this year! What are the odds!?

The Grass is freshly cut and certainly not threatening to overtake our native stone ducks. This bit here is just a little grass I left as … habitat. Or something. Those Bluebells in the foreground are habitat, too. Ducks love Bluebells.
I even finished the gardening chores in time to get some structural repairs done. I was able to fix up that gate on the west side. It was far too neat and pristine before; now it has that proper, shabby-chic look, for a touch of Fencebroke rustic charm:

So, as you can see, everything is ready. Nothing left but to sit back and watch the season unfold. In the patio chairs … which are totally cleaned and set up, I promise.
Now I just need to step outside, for … something unrelated.


  1. A coat of that blue(?) paint is all that the gate should need. It looks fine otherwise.

    1. Believe it or not, I think the previous owner actually left some half-empty cans of paint lying around. Fencebroke Blue could be among them!