Soon to be renowned!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Scenic Gateway to Beans

Come in, your wildest Beans fantasy awaits!

Welcome to beautiful Beans!

We hope that you enjoy your visit to Beans, where opportunities for recreation and leisure abound. Observe ripening beans in colors of green, yellow and purple. Pass through the scenic Gateway to Beans and be playfully slapped in the face by dangling beans. Pass through the other direction and do it again! Try picking some beans. Try eating some beans! Look at the beans!!!

Yes, here at Beans we offer all manner of experiences specially tailored to meet the demands of a modern Beans lifestyle.

Watch the beanstalks grow!

Don't be fooled by upstart Beans copycats, like Corn, which claims to offer a complete vacation package but falls short in areas like scenic gateways and beans. There can be only one Beans.

Do you ever find yourself wondering: how can I make my life more beaningful? If so, look no further than Beans, which promises more beans per stay than that imposter, Corn.

Meet the Beankeepers themselves, signing beans and chatting with guests every Friday and Saturday night. Discuss the many merits of beans with like-minded beanfolk as evening fills Beans with lovely moonlight.

Sleep outside, beneath the gently swaying beans of Beans, and awake refreshed, invigorated by the close company of so many beans.

Enjoy a world class menu; here at Beans, we offer a wide range of authentic bean dishes (much imitated by those thieves over at Corn) such as: Warm Beanbread, Beanflakes, Bean Fritters, Bean-on-the-Cob, Creamed Beans and, everyone's favorite, Popped Beans around the campfire.

Wow, what an opportunity for fun and beans! We are now accepting reservations. Don't wait, stop by Beans today!

If you are satisfied with your visit, please recommend Beans to friends and family. We look forward to your stay!
Please come visit again!


  1. Sign me up!! Could I maybe come every Friday for a while......I think that would be such a delightful way to end my week!! It is always so relaxing hanging out in Beans, I can hardly wait!!! :)

  2. Absolutely awesome. Our green beans tasted awesome...we're thrilled with our little garden. Sending beaningful love from vegas airport....