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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fencebroke Promontory Wonderland

Going forward, I plan on only posting pictures of the garden proper while its shortcomings are comfortably redacted with a blanket of snow. Beautiful, right? 
Wait a minute, are those cinderblocks I see scattered around the yard for no discernible reason? 
Nope, all I see are soft, playful snowblocks.
Okay, but what about that ugly tarp-covered wheelbarrow by the shed there?
Oh, you mean the majestic snowbarrow? Lovely, isn't it.
What about that spot there where the whole yard buckles upwards as though recently excavated?
Yes sir, nothing but the gently undulating terrain of Fencebroke Promontory Wonderland, certainly not the site of a recent, emergency sewer replacement project. 
Fine, fine, but come on now ... what's the deal with that purple shed door?
No questions about the purple door! That's it--this blog post is over! 

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