Soon to be renowned!

Monday, April 24, 2017


Here lies a digging fork
Atop the sod it vanquished
For every bed of Fencebroke
That Apple Tree and Strawberry and Collard Green might thrive
Broken on foreign soil
In service of Earth Day
Tearing Thistle from a nearby park
They gave us hot dogs
And old coffee
For our efforts
But naught for an old fork with crooked tines
Whose spine was cracked in the Earth 
O fork
There is no Day for thee!


  1. Tis sad indeed, matey! Me heart goes out to ye!! <3

  2. I. LOVE. THIS. PHOTO. So much that I pinned it. I have my father's old four-tined potato fork. I thought it was indestructible. It is now the three-tined potato fork which I will never fix, nor throw away.