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Monday, November 10, 2014

Missing Garden!

Disappeared sometime last week. Responds to “Fencebroke”. The garden is youngish, something of a mutt, and can be identified by an excess of kale planted everywhere.

We have looked everywhere for it, but our search has been hindered by endless drifts of fallen maple leaves. As soon as we rake up a section hoping to spot our beloved garden hiding beneath, it is buried by another wave of leaves.

It cannot have gotten far, as it is a garden with limited mobility. We have not ruled out the possibility of a garden-napping, but to date have received no ransom demands. More likely, it has merely gotten lost somewhere out front or back. The leaves just keep falling; the poor thing must be so afraid!

Please help reunite us with our Fencebroke. If you have any information that can help, or if you happen to spot a scared-looking fruit tree or two beneath a pile of leaves, do not hesitate to call, day or night.
We can offer little money as reward, but rest assured you will be paid handsomely in kale.