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Monday, October 24, 2016

The One Fence In Fencebroke That Ain't Broke

May I present the first in a series of long-overdue Fencebroke fortifications.

I may? Oh, good. Here it is:

Glorious, is it not? All hail the beautiful, brilliant, and most fearsome Queen of Carpentry, the Duchess of Design, the Empress of Structural Engineering, the High Wizardess of Woodworking, the Baronness of … er, Board-Cutting. I can never remember all her titles. But I sure am glad I married her. (Which marriage, come to think of it, probably grants me the corresponding male titles for all those things. Awesome.)

Anyway, we now have a fully-functioning gate/arbor/portcullis to both ward off fearsome raiders from the South (always after our strawberries, livestock, and stores of grain) and hide the yard waste bin from view. Which is also important. And there will be grapes grown upon it. Although … now that I think about it, those grapes are going to look mighty tempting to all those raiders who have been foiled from entering the lands of Fencebroke proper. They may just satisfy themselves with pillaging the Great Grape Gate. We might need another gate to protect the Grape Gate from raiders. Ooh! That would give us somewhere to grow kiwis! But, then the raiders …

Well, I did say that this was the first in a series of fortifications. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to entreat that Queen of mine to whip up a few more gates.