Soon to be renowned!

Sunday, May 17, 2015


A local franchisee hard at work.
This notice is hereby issued to inform the proprietor/s of the following garden, orchard, or small suburban farm: FENCEBROKE PROMONTORY GARDENS that this horticultural operation has been officially sanctioned by local representatives of the National Bumble-Bee Pollination Guild. Furthermore, for reasons necessarily secretive but assuredly whimsical, the aforementioned Guild has seen fit to establish a new franchise on the premises from which to base local bumblings including, but not limited to: pollination, nest building, mating, buzzing about in a lazy, cartoon-like fashion and encouraging local toddlers to try out those funny “B” sounds.

Proprietor/s of this garden should use their newly sanctioned status to immediately plant way too many tomato plants and boast about their recognition by the NBBPG to anyone who will listen. In the course of such boasting, please avoid direct contact with your local franchisees, as they are still bees and will defend themselves from undue harassment. Any such provocation will be considered grounds for immediate and permanent revocation of NBBPG “Sanctioned” status.

It has come to our attention that a resident toddler has already attempted to “pet” the local franchisees; please note any additional tactile apian affection of this sort will result in probationary status for FENCEBROKE PROMONTORY GARDENS.